Research Work


Muting the Dragons' Ringtone 

Authors- Kashish Gupta, Kanika Gupta 


Presented at International Conference of Social Sciences & Humanities

Published in the Journal of Global Association of Economics Education

Best paper Award at St. Francis Institute of Management & Research


Can the government find 'missing women' in Indian workforce?

Authors- Kashish Gupta, Riya Mathur

AccoladesPresented at 3rd Asia Conference on Business & Economic         Studies 2021, Vietnam


Unearthing sustainability in India’s growth prospects

Authors- Kashish Gupta, Anubhav Jhunjhunwala

AccoladesPresented at 9th International Conference of Sustainable Development, USA hosted by SSDN

Image by Camilla Frederiksen
Image by Jeremy Bishop
Image by Mr.Autthaporn Pradidpong

The abstract of all the research papers drafted by the cohort during the programme, will be published in this column